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The Private Callsheet App for Film Industry Crew Members.

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Import PDF Callsheets & Crew Lists

FilmTouch can read the text in PDF files and extract all the names and contact information.

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Crew & Vendors

See a list of all the crew and vendors extracted from the callsheet/crew list. Tap to see what other jobs you've done with them and to get their contact info.

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Contact Card

View the phone numbers and e-mail addresses for this person or company from all the callsheets you've imported. Tap to Message, Call or Email them. Or add them to the Contacts app.

Frequently Asked Questions

FilmTouch is a private app, just for you. The callsheets and crew lists that you import into the app are for your eyes only. No one else can see them. This is not an app for sharing callsheets or posting them online. You'll have to find another service if you want to do that.

Ready for some scandal?

Back in 2012, when the app first launched, the AICP got wind of FilmTouch™ and briefly checked it out. In their haste they misunderstood the purpose and features of the app. Thinking it was a service for posting and sharing callsheets online they understandably e-mailed all the production companies in their membership telling them to send us a cease and desist letter and add the above verbiage to their callsheets. (We got about 50 emails over two very interesting days).

Then about a year or two later a competitor to FilmTouch™ emerged called Crewpedia (they've since gone under). When you uploaded a callsheet to the Crewpedia website they would actually email every single person on the job inviting them to join the service! We saw that as complete disregard for the privacy and sanctity of the callsheet and the crew. So did the production companies who sent out a new round of cease and desist letters which incorrectly lumped FilmTouch™ in with the unscrupulous practices of Crewpedia. And again they began putting the above phrase on their callsheets.

Now, years later, after much work we've been able to debunk the myths created by this incident. But alas that message still remains on some callsheets. FilmTouch™ has thousands of happy users who've imported more than 80,000 callsheets; all privately and without violating their NDA. Any more questions? Send us a message.

Unfortunately no. We currently don't have the resources to develop the app for Android. Developing for that platform takes significantly more time due to the vast variety of devices, and every carrier and manufacturer has their own different flavor of Android which all require testing for compatibility.
Having said that, we may have a web version in the future which will be mobile friendly for the large numbers of Android users in the film industry.