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How It Works

  1. Production sends you a callsheet.
  2. You open the e-mail on your iPhone and tap a button to  send it to the FilmTouch™ app.
  3. The app converts your callsheet within 60 seconds.

  • The new job appears in your jobs list where you can scroll and search through every job you’ve added.
  • The more callsheets you add to FilmTouch the more comprehensive the data at your fingertips becomes.

This is why you bought an iPhone.




  • Why are some jobs titled “(job name pending)”?  As of version 1.4 you can edit job names in the app. Just tap the blue info button (i) next to the job name and you’ll have the option to Edit.  The reason this happens is because FilmTouch sometimes has trouble figuring out the job name due to the wide range of callsheet styles.  In cases like this, FilmTouch will give it a temporary title.
  • Can I scan a callsheet and import it into FilmTouch?  Sorry but no. FilmTouch works with text-based callsheets only. But why?  The technology used to turn an image back into text, called optical character recognition (OCR), is not very reliable on the tiny text of a callsheet. If a name comes out as “J@hn Sm1th”, that’s not a big deal because you get the gist of it.  But if an e-mail address or phone number is off by just one little character, it’s useless. Since we can’t rely on it, we haven’t integrated OCR technology into FilmTouch.
  • What does the “Claim” button do?  It allows you to tell the app who you are. Search for yourself in FilmTouch then tap Claim in your address card. You’ll get a My Info button in the My Jobs page that gives you quick access to your details. Plus, when you’re viewing one of your jobs the app will scroll to your listing on the callsheet.
  • Why can’t I import from the Gmail app?  The Gmail app doesn’t use the standard iOS sharing feature, so you won’t see FilmTouch in the list of destinations. But if you use Gmail through Safari or through the main Mail app you’ll have the option to send PDF’s to FilmTouch.  If you’d prefer to use the Gmail app it just takes an extra step: While viewing a callsheet just tap the sharing arrow in the lower righthand corner and choose ‘Open page in Safari’. If you’re already logged in to Gmail in Safari it should take you directly to the callsheet where you can tap “Open In…” and select “FilmTouch”.  We’re working on a way to make it easier for Gmail App users.
  • Can I import callsheets from a feature or television show? The best thing to import from an episodic or feature is a crew list. The contact info will be really useful to you when stored in the app.  Although FilmTouch was first designed around commercial and music video callsheets, we’re constantly improving how it handles callsheets from longer-form projects.
  • Do you offer refunds?  Yup.  We offer refunds to anyone who is not satisfied. FilmTouch is not for everyone. Just send us feedback through the app with your request.
  • Is it FilmTouch or Film Touch?  FilmTouch™ is one word with a capital F and a capital T. Thanks!
  • Is callsheet one word or two? (call sheet)  The way we most-often see it used is as one word: callsheet.  And that’s how we like it.
  • What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?  25 mph


  • Are you going to e-mail everyone on my callsheet once I import it!?  No! That would be rude. And the data on that callsheet is yours, not ours. (Technically speaking the callsheet belongs to the production company and should be treated as such.)
  • Am I violating my NDA by importing a callsheet into the app?  No. You’re not sharing the callsheet with anyone else. Only you can see the data FilmTouch pulls off the callsheet.
  • Why does the app use a server?  Callsheet processing for FilmTouch is done on a server so that all your files can be synced between your devices, and backed up in case you lose your phone. The files and data are encrypted as they travel between your device and the server, and I (Andrew) am currently the only person with access to that system.  Having worked in the film industry now for 20 years I understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality.
  • I’m still concerned about privacy? Please e-mail us (moc.hcuotmlif@troppus) and we can answer any questions you may have.